CBS Leadership

God has graciously provided the College of Biblical Studies with deeply faithful Christian leaders who have a common desire to deliver exceptional, transformational education. These leaders possess a superior blend of skills and talents that uniquely position CBS as a leader in launching thousands of knowledgeable students who have a deeper relationship with Christ, a fuller understanding of the Bible, and who bring a biblical worldview to bear on some of the world's toughest challenges.

We are committed to our mission of glorifying God by educating and equipping multi-ethic students to impact the world for Christ. As a faith-based learning community, we seek to develop servant-leaders and respectful citizens who want to make a positive difference. 

William "Bill" Blocker, DMCE


Ben Chelladurai

Vice President;
Chief Financial Officer

Paul D. Keith, M.A.B.S.

Vice President Administration;
Chief Operating Officer

Dr. J. Paul Nyquist

Vice President of Discipleship and Special Asst. to the President

Joseph D. Parle, Ph.D.

Provost; Senior Professor

Dr. A. Charles Ware, D.D.

Executive Director, Grace Relations and Special Asst. to the President

CBS 2021 - 2022
Board of Trustees
• David W. Tauber, Sr., Chairman
• James L. Cowthran, Vice Chairman
• Ralph D. McBride, JD, Secretary
• Barksdale Hortenstine, JD, Treasurer

• Lance C. Armstead
• Matthew Barnes
• William W. Blocker, DMCE
• John E. Brewster, Jr., JD
• James T. Fox
• Michael E. Gentry
• Thomas D. Owens
• Laura A. Petersen, MD
• Lynden B. Rose, JD
• Carrie Simmons Skipton
• Ivory L. Varner, DLitt
• Diana Wandix-White, PhD


Board of Regents
Bruce E. Munsterman
David K. Oelfke

Administrative Officers
• William W. Blocker, DMCE
• Benjamin Chelladurai, ACA, MABS
  Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer
• Paul Nyquist, PhD
  Vice-President of Discipleship and Special Assistant to the President
• Paul D. Keith
  Vice-President of Administration & Chief Operating Officer
• Joseph D. Parle, PhD
• Charles Ware, DLitt
  Executive Director of Grace Relations and Special Assistant to the President